For this novel I conducted extensive research into British life in the 19th century through every medium possible: books, TV series, films, documentaries, museums and interviews.

I also trawled through numerous websites on 19th century textiles and fabrics; the growing, harvesting and production of cotton; the international cotton trade throughout the 1800s; slavery and abolition on the cotton fields of the US and the Caribbean; the British justice system; the history of The New Bailey Prison in Salford; prison hulls; arrival of convicts in Botany Bay; tall ships, sea travel to New Zealand and pioneering in New Zealand; workhouse conditions; work conditions in the mills; the business principles of the John Lewis department store in the UK, Ricardo Semler’s Semco in Brazil and Teal organisations in general; Victorian fashion and clothing; nutrition, diseases and medical care; fitness, boxing and gymnastics; schools, colleges and universities; the role of the unions, union strikes and riots; the Heywood family of bankers in Manchester; historic street maps of Manchester; inns and boarding houses in Manchester and Oxford; cemeteries; carriages, train stations and trains; mill workers' housing; floor plans, interior materials and furniture of Victorian mills and mansions; book printing and publishing; the etiquette of letter writing; and Victorian art.

If you'd like to know more about the process of writing Faith and Fearlessness, please read an excellent interview with M.G. Thomas by Maria Grazia Spila of FlyHigh.

Literature – non-fiction

How To Be A Victorian - Ruth Goodman

The Victorians - Jeremy Paxman

The Victorian House - Judith Flanders

The Making Of The English Working Class - E.P. Thompson

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The Story Of Lancashire Cotton - Ron Freethy

Riot! The story Of The East Lancashire Loom-breakers In 1826 - William Turner

The Victorian Schoolroom - Trevor May

Richard Doyle’s Journal, 1840

The Penguin History Of New Zealand - Michael King

Turning The Tables - Ricardo Semler

Reinventing Organisations - Frédéric Laloux

Stephen King On Writing / A Memoir Of The Craft

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How Not To Write A Novel - Newman and Mittelmark

Literature – fiction

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Charles Dickens House - London

Victoria and Albert Museum - London

Museum of Science and Industry - Manchester

People’s History Museum - Manchester

John Rylands library - Manchester

Queen Street Mill Textile Museum - Burnley

National Railway Museum - York

New Zealand Maritime Museum - Auckland

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Auckland

The Pah Homestead - Auckland

Russell Museum - Russell

Pompallier Mission and Printery - Russell

Puke Ariki Museum - New Plymouth

Museum Plantin-Moretus - Antwerp

Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam

Maritime Museum - Amsterdam

Museum van Loon - Amsterdam

Museum Willet-Holthuysen - Amsterdam

Huis Marseille - Amsterdam